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Certified by Cozify is the easiest way to produce smart building technology on the market

IoT is already starting to be a part of everyday life in homes – lighting, heating, home security systems and entertainment equipment can all be automated and managed online. However, the pitfall of smart building technology so far has been compatibility: combining devices from different manufacturers into one entity has been technically cumbersome and expensive to install.

Cozify was founded to tackle this challenge and lower the threshold for building smart homes. Cozify's hubs ION and ZEN do support a wide range of automation technologies but connecting different devices to the system has occasionally taken a little figuring out.

Cerfified By Cozify

With this in mind, we have introduced the Certified by Cozify concept, which guarantees compatibility and easy installation, not only in terms of technology, but also at the device level. The Certified by Cozify marking on the device therefore guarantees that the device has been tested by Cozify to be compatible and secure. In practice, certification means that Cozify has performed device compatibility testing with Cozify ZEN and will continue to ensure device compatibility in the future. In addition, product cards are made for the devices, which contain operating and installation instructions.

From the point of view of an electrical designer, the risk of error is reduced when the compatibility of equipment has been taken care of. Cozify, combined with certified equipment, is easy to implement at the electrical plan level for both new and old applications. Installation is much faster, installations that could take all day are completed in an instant. In addition, in larger properties, the settings can be applied to all apartments simultaneously via the Cozify ONE platform. And most importantly: from the user's point of view, the automated functions of the devices are seamlessly integrated, and operation is as effortless as possible.

Certified equipment from well-known manufacturers covers the key components of building technology

Only products from reputable equipment manufacturers that are publicly available have been selected as certified devices. At present, manufacturers include AIRAM, Swegon, Uponor, Wiser and Danfoss, with more to come. In the future, the scope of certification will also include saunas, electric car charging and sound systems. Here you will find an ever-expanding list of Certified by Cozify devices.

The list of devices that support ZEN goes far beyond the list of certified devices, but certified by Cozify-labelled devices are easiest to include in Cozify ZEN and Cozify ONE. In other words, in practice, you can build a smart home frame based on Cozify ZEN and certified devices and add other devices to the system.

Well, how much is this going to cost?

Astonishingly, in itself, investing in smart building technology on the basis of certified equipment is often the same price, if not cheaper, than "stupid" building technology. From the point of view of the owner and tenant of the property, smart technology can also bring savings in the form of energy consumption.

If this aroused your interest, send a message to the pro@cozify.fi and we'll talk more.

Tommi Taponen
Cozify, Marketing

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