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Exchange electricity spot price saving tips for winter

Exchange electricity contract holders can now take advantage of Nord Pool's hourly exchange electricity spot prices with Cozify automation: schedule the use of heating/charging devices for only the cheapest exchange electricity hours of the day, or avoid the peak operating hours.

Note: Controlling exchange electricity according to hourly prices requires an activated Cozify Premium -service (9.90 €/month). The new Premium service replaces, and also includes, the previous subscription Camera Service, as well as historical data.

How can I save on my electricity bill?

Water boiler

The water boileris heated simply using a power supply. Add a smart plug to the water boiler's power socket and Cozify will use this to control the power supply to your boiler.

You will need: Cozify smart hub (with Premium-service), smart plug or smart relay

Underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating

If electric underfloor heating is powered via a dedicated fuse, it is possible to control the current of the underfloor heating with Cozify via a smart relay installed on the electrical panel. For small sites with just a few fuses, Cozify recommends the Develco A16 relay as a smart relay.

In larger detached houses, a smart relay should be implemented through the FutureNow FNIP relay pack.

You will need: Cozify smart hub (with Premium-service), smart relay or smart relay pack

Water underfloor heating

Cozify supports Modbus wired CPUs such as the Uponor X-148.

You will need: Cozify professional smart hub (Cozify ZEN or DIN, with the Premium-service), a supported controller such as Uponor X-148 Uponor X-148


Geothermal and air-to-water heat pumps

Control the exchange electricity mode of your heat pump (check from manual if your heat pump has a relay controlled exchange electricity mode) via relay pack such FutureNow or via a single relay I/O controller.

You will need: Cozify smart hub (with Premium-service), a supported relay I/O controller such as FutureNow FNIP module or Dry Contact relay to control your geothermal heat pump's I/O exchange electricity mode

Radiator heating

Hot water radiators

Cozify supports the Danfos Ally wireless radiator thermostat to control hot water radiators.

You will need: Cozify smart hub (with Premium-service), a supported wireless radiator thermostat such as Danfoss Ally.

Electric radiators

Cozify supports smart plugs such as  Frient Smart Plug Mini to control electric radiators.

You will need: Cozify smart hub (with Premium-service), a supported smart plug such as Frient Smart Plug Mini

Air source heat pump control

Schedule the cooling or heating of your apartment through an air source heat pump for the cheapest exchange electricity hours of the day. Versatile Cozify control and connection to air source heat pumps is possible via the AirPatrol smart device.

You will need: Cozify smart hub (with Premium-service), Airpatrol smart device Airpatrol smart device to connect an air source heat pump.

Have a larger property or multiple buildings you are managing?

Contact us at +358 20 7306 181 and we'll tell you how to proceed.


How do I get this to my detached house?

You can use the controls described above as follows:

1) ) Activate the Cozify Premium service for your smart hub (HUB / ION / ZEN / DIN hubs)

Order and activate the Premium service corresponding to your hub here:

Subscription price 9.90€ / month
- You can get hourly prices for exchange electricity in Cozify by activating the Cozify Premium service. The new Premium service replaces and also includes the old subscription Camera service, as well as historical data.


2) Install the Cozify app and use it to add the smart devices you need to Cozify to control your devices

Note: Smart devices installed in electrical cabinets such as Cozify DIN, smart relays and relay packs require an electrician for installation


3) Enable the Electricity Optimization rule

You can choose from the following rules: "Electricity optimization: Turn devices on based on electricity spot prices" or "Electricity optimization: Avoid highest spot prices"

Read more here: Automation: Control devices according to the price of exchange electricity

Comment below on how you have automated your home according to the price of exchange electricity, or ask more about automation according to the exchange electricity price:

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