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Internet-of-Things as a phenomenon

Most new home appliances and electric devices offer connectivity and feature a user interface for the smartphone and tablet computer. Eventually consumers will have a clutter of applications in their phone, making it difficult to control smart devices as well functioning, easy to use entity. Interaction of devices might be difficult to setup, or won't work at all.

Cozify solves that problem with an open, new generation hub that provides a common user interface for various devices and automates their usage. By offering Cozify starter packages, you will help your customers get on board this next revolution in an easy way.

For retailers

The new breed of smart devices and appliances will carry a premium price over conventional units. As a retailer, you will be able to attract favorable attention by offering a wide selection of connected devices under one umbrella. Cozify helps your brand to be considered progressive while making sure that their customers will gain all benefits from their investments.

Cozify home automation service has been created for the mass market, however targeting 3 carefully selected end-user segments. It has a beautiful user interface and it is easy to set up without any professional help. Our experience shows that once customer has started to use the system, there will be demand to expand the automated home with new smart devices. You can transform your business from selling individual devices to selling an ever expanding open system.

Contact us now to gain more insight into home automation preferences and how they are expected to develop!

For service providers

In an effort to maintain and increase ARPU, service providers will need to expand their business beyond traditional fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and TV services.

Operators already play a central role in connecting the home to the outside world. However, the network inside the home is quickly becoming more versatile and will cater for more functions than ever before. It is essential that service providers are active in this trend and facilitate the creation of a smart home.

Home automation technology standards are still quite fragmented. No one knows which technologies will win the battle or what radio interfaces smart home hubs need to support after couple of years. Cozify's NovelTech Program™ will cover hub hardware upgrades to ensure fresh technology and wide support for existing and new, not yet published smart devices.

Cozify is also available as a white label service further expanding the possibilities for enhancing brand awareness,customer stickiness and loyalty.

Cozify home automation service has been created for the mass market. It has a beautiful user interface and it is easy to set up. Contact us now to start expanding your service portfolio!